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The 2018 SEIU/LACCRA Bargaining Team

SEIU and LACCRA are proud to announce our 2018 SEIU/LACCRA Court Reporter Bargaining Team has now been formed and will soon begin its initial training with bargaining to commence in the upcoming months.

We would like to thank all who submitted nomination applications and participated in answering our surveys.

Your 2018 SEIU/LACCRA Court Reporter Bargaining Team Members are as follows:

Therese Claussen
Jodi Daniels
Carolyn Dasher
Lauren Engel
Carol Herrera
Valerie Jones
Cassie Medina
Diana Van Dyke
Diana Whitesel

Each bargaining team member brings experience, dedication, and commitment to the bargaining table in representing our LACCRA membership.

Thank you all who participated by voting online. Voting is a very important part of the process.
Dedicated to its members and the profession!
The LACCRA Board of Directors