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LACCRA's 2022 Seminar Series


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2021-2022 LACCRA Board of Directors!

Lorraine Romin, President
Cindy Tachell, Vice President
Carrianne Trigg, Treasurer
Samantha Vogt, Secretary
Jeannette Bush, Director
Lauren Engel, Director
Dina Lidis, Director
Lisa Hernandez, Director
Cassandra Medina, Director
Stacie Sheng, Director
Diana Van Dyke, Director
Christine Youngquist, Director

Notice re: Ordering Transcripts from Los Angeles Superior Court Official Reporters
Attorneys and members of the general public who wish to order a transcript of Los Angeles Superior Court proceedings are directed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court website: Click here to be redirected.

LASC Official Reporters’ contact information is not accessible through this website.