LACCRA 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Board Members may be contacted by sending an email to [email protected].


Diana Whitesel

Diana has been a Court Reporter since 1983.  After being a freelance deposition reporter for 15 years, she came to Los Angeles Superior Court in 1998.   While working for the court she has enjoyed assignments in long-cause civil, felony EDP and prelims, felony trials, calendar civil courts and currently misdemeanor calendar and felony trial court.   Currently she is assigned to Airport Department 71. This is her sixth year on the LACCRA board.  Although it has been a lot of work, it has also been a lot of fun.  She has enjoyed working with board members and learning more about this great association.  As President she would like every reporter within our Association to feel valued and respected.  Her goal is to get all members to come enjoy LACCRA events, getting to know their colleagues, as well as having the opportunity to have a place to voice their concerns as well as their ideas.  We are a whole community who functions better together.

vice president

Diana Van Dyke

Diana has been a court reporter since 1995.  She began her career as an independent contractor reporting depositions for five plus years then fulfilled her goal of becoming to Los Angeles Superior Court official in 2001.  After more than ten years of serving the public in civil assignments at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, she now finds herself enjoying the challenge of a felony criminal court assignment.  This is Diana’s fifth year serving the membership as a LACCRA Board member and keeps herself busy on various committees, including E-filing, Public Outreach, and Manual committees.


Cindy Tachell

Cindy Tachell, CSR, RPR, CRR, CCRR, a reporter since 1990, is currently in a family law assignment in the Van Nuys civil building.  She has had assignments in civil in Santa Monica and CCH and criminal in the beloved Malibu courthouse.  Cindy is a member of NCRA and CCRA as well as LACCRA.


Lorraine Romin

Lorraine Romin has been a court reporter for 30 years.  Before coming to LA Superior, Lorraine was a freelance deposition reporter for Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.  In 1995, Lorraine started her court career with the Los Angeles Municipal Court where she served a few years on the Municipal Court Reporters Board.  Upon the merging of the Municipal and Superior Courts, Lorraine worked in a family law department for three years and then went on to work in a civil courtroom for 12 years.  In 2012, Lorraine started working in the downtown Los Angeles Criminal Courts building in misdemeanors, felonies and most recently has been assigned to one of the Preliminary Hearing courtrooms.  Lorraine and her husband Tom currently have three kids in college and enjoying the empty-nester life!


Camille Marquez

Camille has been a reporter since 1978.  She has worked as a freelance deposition reporter, a hearing reporter, a pro tem reporter in Federal bankruptcy court, and as an official with Orange County Superior Court.  She began working in the Los Angeles Municipal Court 1988 and later transferred to the Los Angeles Superior Court in 1998. Currently, she is assigned to a preliminary hearing/early-disposition courtroom.  Camille is a member of CCRA and NCRA. She has served in the past as a branch rep, board director, secretary, vice-president, Member Outreach and Seminars Chair.


Jeannette Bush

Jeannette became a reporter in 1995 and worked for the next 15 years as a freelance reporter in various assignments including deposition, arbitration and city council meetings.  She started with LASC in 2007 where she had family law and criminal assignments.  Jeannette was laid off in 2012 and returned back to the freelance arena as a self-employed reporter doing civil trials and motions before being rehired by LASC in 2015.  She is currently assigned to Children's Court in Monterey Park.  She also holds an RPR license and is a member of CCRA, NCRA and DRA.


Jodi Daniels

Jodi became a Court Reporter in 1993. She started out as a freelance deposition reporter for 5 years, after which she joined Los Angeles Superior Court in 1998.  While working for LASC, she has held assignments in family law, civil, felony EDP and prelims, felony trials, floating, and is currently working in a misdemeanor calendar/trial court.  She is currently assigned in Downey Department 7.  She also spent just short of a year working in Transcript Services helping court reporters and working closely with management.  Jodi is a member of NCRA, CCRA and LACCRA and holds her CSR, RPR and CRR.  She is new to being a LACCRA board member, but excited to be a part of giving back to a profession she has enjoyed for many years.


Lauren Engel

Lauren Engel, CSR has been a court reporter since 1989.  She has exclusively worked in court in Los Angeles County.  Since 1998 she has had a civil assignment in the Mosk Courthouse.  She has been a member of the LACCRA Board for a number of years.  She is a member of the Website Committee and Seminar Committee.


Debbie Ford

Debbie received her CSR & RPR in May 1999.  She joined LASC in 2001.  She worked in Children's Court until January 2013.  Debbie is currently working in felony arraignment courtroom in Dept N in Pomona.  She is a member of LACCRA, CCRA, and NCRA.


Carol Herrera

Carol Herrera received her CSR and RPR in 1990.  Carol worked the first 11 years of her career in the deposition field.  She joined LASC in 2001 and has been in her present Family Law assignment in Pomona since 2006. This is her third year on the LACCRA board as a director and her third year as the Student Outreach Committee co-chair.   She joined LACCRA to help promote and protect this terrific and rewarding profession.  Being on the board has truly been a tremendous learning experience and she has enjoyed working with and getting to know some of the most talented and hard working reporters on the planet! Carol is also a member of NCRA and CCRA.


Cassandra (Cassie) Medina

Cassie has been a CSR since 2001 and has also earned a license as an RPR.  She did depositions before coming to work for the Los Angeles Superior Court in 2008.  She has been a floater and also has had assignments in the Alhambra, Monterey Park, and Glendale Courthouses.  Due to the budget cuts and layoffs in 2012, she began working as a official reporter pro tempore doing civil trials and motions throughout Los Angeles County.  Cassie came back to work for the Los Angeles Superior Court in 2015 and currently has an assignment at the Monterey Park Children's Court.  Cassie is also a member of NCRA and CCRA.


Adrianna Montanez



Mia Pesanti

Mia became a Court Reporter in 1988.  She started as a freelance depo reporter, transitioning to a full-time reporter for Long Beach Municipal Court.  In 1998 she became an official for Los Angeles Superior Court.  While working for LASC, she has held assignments in civil, felony, Prop. 36, misdemeanor calendar/trial courts.  She is currently assigned to Compton Department 8. Mia is a member of NCRA and LACCRA and holds her CSR, RPR, and her Hawaiian CSR.  She is new to the LACCRA board.