Each of the following committees shall consist of a chairperson and committee members.  Committee members may be board members or general members of our association. General-member participation is encouraged and welcomed. Please contact [email protected] to contact committees.

To join a committee, please email [email protected].

LACCRA Committees

Member Outreach/Branch Representatives
Lisa Hernandez, Chair
This Committee is charged with the continued building of member community within our association.

Carrieanne Trigg, Chair

The Bylaws Committee shall review the LACCRA bylaws and policies and shall make recommendations for potential revisions to the membership.

Student Outreach
Jeannette Bush, Cassie Medina, Co-Chairs

The Career Outreach Committee shall assist CCRA with promoting court reporting profession initiatives, participating in Career Day events at the high school level, and development of a student-mentor program.

Diana Van Dyke, Chair

The E-filing Committee shall develop a plan to educate and train LACCRA members so that they may comply with Assembly Bill 1450 regarding the filing of electronic transcripts.

Cindy Tachell, Chair
The Legislative Committee shall monitor legislation that affects official court reporters and the court reporting profession in general. 

The Manual Committee shall collaborate with court management in reviewing and updating the LASC official manual.

Marlene Burrus, Chair
The Nominating Committee shall recommend a slate of nominees for the upcoming year’s LACCRA and PARLAC boards.

Public Outreach
Diana Van Dyke, Chair
The Public Outreach Committee will focus its attention on promoting court reporter value within the judicial community through educational-related presentations and events.

Lorraine Romin, Chair
Develop seminar topics & slates beneficial to LACCRA members. 
Assist other committees with event planning and execution of tasks.
Social Services
Lisa Hernandez, Chair 

The Social Services committee shall oversee the recognition and acknowledgment of member-life events through the distribution of cards, flowers, or donations as outlined in the LACCRA standing rules.

Social Media
Kristi Perry, Chair

Website (
The website committee is charged with reviewing and updating website content.

National Court Reporter and Captioning Week
Adriana Patron, Chair