All LACCRA board members and committee members are volunteers.  From time to time there are those who have volunteered for so long and made such major contributions to our profession that it needs more than a verbal recognition...

LACCRA Distinguished Service Award

Awarded in celebration to a LACCRA Board Member by the LACCRA Executive Committee or by recommendation from a LACCRA Board or PARLAC Committee Member to the LACCRA Executive Committee for long-term service and major contributions to the Board, LACCRA, and the profession.

Diana Van Dyke, Past President, 2020
Cindy Tachell, Vice President, 2022


Outstanding Commitment to Service Award

Awarded to a LACCRA Board or Committee Member by the President of LACCRA for long-term service and significant contributions to the Board and LACCRA.

Recipients and Past Recipients
2017 Therese Claussen, Chair, Social Services Committee & Board Member
2018 Lauren Engel, Board Member
2020 Jeannette Bush, Treasurer
2021 Rose Nava, Past President, LACCRA & Chief Steward, SEIU
2022 Cassandra Medina, Board Member


Certificates of Appreciation; Appreciation of Service

Awarded to LACCRA Past Presidents or a LACCRA Board or Committee Member who has provided special service deserving of such recognition.

Past Recipients
2017 Camille Marquez, Past President
2018 Diana Whitesel, Past President
2019 Debbie Ford, Board Member
2019 Therese Claussen, Chair, Social Services Committee & Former Board Member
2019 Carolyn Dash, Past President