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As we all are aware, California has passed AB 156 (2021-2022) which authorizes the California Court Reporters Board to license voice writers, holding them to the same exact standard of testing and licensing required by a stenographer to obtain a CSR.  We would like to thank SEIU, CCRA and Cal-DRA for their collaboration in making this happen!   LACCRA  is very excited to welcome voice writers to Los Angeles Superior Court.  Per the CRB, current holders of a stenographic CSR license that wanted to learn voice writing would have to pass the dictation portion only.  However, the CSR would need to designate voice or steno, not both (this may be subject to change as time goes on).

Click the link for the FAQ page for the National Verbatim Reporters Association, founded in 1967, which is the national professional organization dedicated to the practice of voice writing: FAQs - National Verbatim Reporters Association (nvra.org)

Click here to watch a YouTube video presentation made by Sarah Flynn, Voice Writer.

VOICE WRITING UPDATE:  We have successfully held five Find Your Voice webinars to introduce/educate prospective students and reporters about voice writing that were attended by approximately 200 people in all.  Schools are full of waiting lists for voice writing. Steno enrollment is still very strong and growing as well. 

For the March 2023 CSR, there were 87 registered which included four voice writers and 24 first-time test takers.
For the July 2023 CSR, there are 124 registered to take the test with 17 voice writers and 50 first-time test takers.

Historically, first-time test takers have a higher passing rate:  July 2022, 56.7%; November 2022, 56.7%;  and March 2023, 62.5%


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