Each of the following committees shall consist of a chairperson and committee members.  Committee members may be board members or general members of our association. General-member participation is encouraged and welcomed. Please contact to contact committees.



The Bylaws Committee will review the current LACCRA Bylaws and adopt recommendations for potential revisions to the LACCRA membership


Education/Career Recruitment/Student Outreach Committee

Debra Ford and Carol Herrera will chair.
The goals of the Career Recruitment/Student Outreach committee include:

  • To develop and conduct career presentations at the high school level in order to promote careers in court reporting, captioning and CART.
  • To assist CCRA and their Save Our Schools committee at the local level


The Award-Winning Member Outreach Committee
Member Outreach/ LACCRA Online/ Communications

Cindy Tachell and Lauren Engel will chair.
The goals of the Member Outreach/LACCRA Online committee are as follows:

  • To improve communication between the Board and the membership
  • To disseminate pertinent information
  • To administer informational polls and surveys focusing on member concerns
  • To publish an on-line newsletter



(Chairperson and committee member appointment made annually in March)
The Nominating committee shall recommend a slate of nominees for the upcoming year’s LACCRA and PARLAC Board members.


Public Outreach

Diana Van Dyke will chair.
The Public Outreach committee focuses its attention on promoting court reporter value within the judicial system through various legislative-related activities, educational-related presentations, and political activities within the membership.       



Diana Whitesel, Naomi Leeper, and Regina Morales will chair.
The activities of the Seminar committee include:

  • Assess, develop, and recommend a slate of seminars
  • Obtain Court and NCRA accreditation
  • Organize, schedule,and administer seminars


Social Services

Therese Claussen and Regina Morales will chair.
The purpose of the Social Services committee is to oversee the recognition and acknowledgement of member events through the distribution of cards, flowers, or donations as outlined in the LACCRA standing rules.


LACCRA Legislative Representatives

Christy Cannariato and Elva Miller will chair.
Your LACCRA legislative representatives monitor laws and regulations affecting the court reporting profession.  They also work closely with the California Court Reporters Association to ensure that effective lobbying and communication takes place with our elected representatives and their staff in order to advocate on important issues affecting our profession.


Branch Representatives Contact: Annette Blanco and Lauren Engel