Did You Know? Court Reporting Student Enrollments are UP, 9.8.2022


As of August 2022, there are approximately 700-plus students enrolled in court-reporting schools in the State of California. In the five Southern California schools, we have approximately 500 students enrolled.

While it is true few “brick and mortar” schools remain, online schools have opened across the country. See www.stenograph.com/court-reporting-school

We know for a fact these schools – online and brick and mortar -- are preparing students to qualify to take the California CSR, Certified Shorthand Reporter, an exam by obtaining an RPR, Registered Professional Reporter, a certificate given by the National Court Reporters Association which allows the RPR to sit for the CSR exam.

Students do not necessarily have to “graduate” from a school to sit for the CSR exam, which is now being given three times a year if they qualify by passing the RPR exam. The change for the exam being given three times a year instead of two and now being given online has only been in effect for the past two years.

In case you are unaware of what it takes to earn this prestigious certification, students must pass the CSR test with 97.5% accuracy. The test consists of a four-voice 200 WPM dictation that is 12-13 minutes long along with the academic portion containing English, legal and medical terminology as well as other aspects of reporting.


While we do not have very many statistics pertaining to Voice Writers in California at the moment, what we do know is this:

VOICE WRITERS are comparable to a stenographer. Voice Writers utilize a mouthpiece (MASK) and speak in shorthand; a stenographer uses their fingers to write in shorthand. They provide realtime (sometimes referred to as “LiveNote”), readback, roughs, dailies, and produce transcripts just as stenographers do through their own CAT (computer-aided translation) software.

VOICE WRITERS can get through school and be ready to sit for the CSR test in approximately six to nine months.

VOICE WRITERS RE SCHOOLING: Downey Adult School – one of the Southern California brick-and-mortar schools – will be having an orientation on 9/9/22 with 52 potential students to their court reporting program. They are currently equipped to teach and are promoting voice writing as well as their stenography court reporting classes.

VOICE WRITER candidates that are qualified to take the CSR exam are able to test starting in NOVEMBER of 2022 with the next exam being in MARCH OF 2023.


NCRA’S A to Z Program: A free program that exposes potential students to the profession of court reporting.

NCRA’s A to Z program, which LACCRA and CCRA have previously been very involved with, exposed approximately 500-plus participants to a possible career in court reporting over a three-year period in Los Angeles County. LACCRA and CCRA’s participation in the A to Z Program helped with the GROWING enrollment in court-reporting schools. The A to Z Program was given in person and online. Project Steno is also a program similar to the A to Z promoting the profession.

LACCRA attends numerous student career fairs in person and online promoting the profession.

LACCRA members continuously have court reporting students sit out with them exposing them to what being an official court reporter would be like and to obtaining hours they may need for school purposes.

LACCRA has sponsored many students to attend our state association’s convention CCRA and our national association NCRA.

LACCRA every year is a sponsor at the California Court Reporters Association convention and obtains a table, signage, and social media convention exposure.

LACCRA posts our hiring flyer on FaceBook, court reporting sites, Instagram, Twitter, and our own personal pages.

LACCRA has fostered relationships with its Southern California schools in order to work with them in promoting the profession.

Dedicated to its members and the profession!
The LACCRA Board of Directors