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Santa Anita Park located in Arcadia, California, was the setting for celebrating National Court Reporting and Captioning Week with the Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association (LACCRA) on February 20, 2016.   LACCRA members and guests attended a “Day at the Races” to celebrate the profession among their peers, friends, family, students, and the public.  The event was publicized through social media, in email blasts to court reporters locally and statewide, to local court reporting schools, and through flyers distributed to courtroom staff and attorneys that work alongside LACCRA’s over 400 members.   Goals of the event were to celebrate National Court Reporting & Captioning Week, increase awareness of our profession in the community, and create an innovative a way to network with fellow court reporters and justice partners in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.   
In addition to family and friends of official court reporters employed by the Los Angeles Superior Court, invitations were extended to judges, attorneys, courtroom staff, students, captioners, and CART providers.   Attendees sipped on “StenoRitas,” enjoyed a lunch buffet, and participated in a Derby Hat Contest.  Several of the hat entries were created with court reporting accessories as the main theme.   California Court Reporters Association President Brooke Ryan and Immediate Past President Carlos Martinez were in attendance to lend their support.    The court reporting profession was cast in the spotlight as the over 14,000 attendees placed their wagers in the 4th Race where the Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association was recognized in the official race program.   As you can see from the photos submitted with this entry, it was a beautiful day.  The Los Angeles County Court Reporters really got into the festivities with their banners recognizing NCRC week, derby hats, decorations, and festive atmosphere.  
This was a unique way to come together with our justice partners, have a lot of fun, and introduce a wide audience to the profession of court reporting.   The general public may not know court reporters exist until they have their day in court or sit for jury duty.  Los Angeles County is the largest county in the United States.  Getting the word out about court reporting countywide can be a logistically-difficult endeavor due to the physical size and scope of the county.  This event was a great way to celebrate NCRC Week and put our wonderful profession in the spotlight in front of a wide public audience, all in one beautiful 74-degree afternoon.   Showing how fun we can be when we get together may even attract new potential students to take a look at court reporting when they are searching for a career path.   

Thank you for considering the efforts of the Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association for the JCR Awards, Court Reporting & Captioning Week initiative category.    As a Past President of this organization, I know firsthand how much work is put into planning any type of event for the membership.   The 2015-16 LACCRA Board and Committee members put in countless hours to plan and publicize this event.   It was the first of its kind that I am aware of and it was, truly, a success.    Thank you, NCRA, for your consideration of the Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association.

Julie Granger, CSR, RPR, LACCRA Past President, (2010-2012)




CCRA would like to thank our author, Assemblyman Hernandez, our members, all those who wrote letters in support of AB 2629, all those who made district visits to their legislators, who called their legislators, Thunderclapped, those who traveled to the Capitol for hearings, and those who encouraged others to help or become a member.

For the past 108 years, CCRA has been the leading association who continues to sponsor legislation to provide protection for our profession, to support our profession, and to enhance our profession.

CCRA currently employs Hernandez Strategy Group to represent us in Sacramento.  Ignacio and Morgan have worked as a team to accomplish goals this year for CCRA.  The CCRA Legislative Committee has had countless conference calls and e-mails working on all aspects of the legislation we sponsored this year.  SEIU lobbyists Michelle Castro and Kimberly Rosenberger support court reporters and worked hard in conjunction with CCRA in all our legislative endeavors.

We'd like to say thank you to all the Senators and Assembly Members who supported AB 2629 and said to the working reporters a 30% increase in our transcript rate is long overdue!

A special Thank You to the Alliance of California Judges for writing a letter to the Governor in support of AB 2629 and for continuing to support stenographers as the preferred creator of the record of our judicial system.

As background, the CCRA sponsored bill was introduced on February 19th.  The bill was read and referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee (AJC) where it was postponed, then amended.  On April 19th, our bill passed through the AJC with bipartisan support, much to our delight, and was referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee (AAC) where it was amended again.  On May 11th, it was placed on the suspense file because it has a budgetary impact.  The Los Angeles Times calls the suspense file "where bills go to die."  

AB 2629 did not die.  On May 27th, with 15 aye votes, it moved forward.  On June 2nd, 52 aye votes in the Assembly showed support for the much-awaited increase.  The Senate Judiciary Committee, on June 29th, passed the bill with 5 aye votes and then moved AB 2629 into the Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC).  On August 11th, SAC agreed with CCRA and passed the bill through with 5 aye votes.  The Senate gave its approval and moved the bill forward.  The Assembly gave its approval.  And on September 2nd, the bill was enrolled and presented to the Governor.

After almost 26 long years and opposition by the Judicial Council, AB 2629, which amended Government Code sections 69950 and 69951, has been vetoed.  BUT we do not lose hope!
We agree with the Governor's words (click here to read).  This would be appropriate for the budget.  Our advocacy starts now.  We have already started the conversation!  That's what we do best; we stand up and continue to fight for all court reporters in California.



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