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Welcome to the LACCRA (Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association) Website.

Dear Members,

A lot has happened in the last year.  We welcomed back a number of reporters to the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Some of the rehires were to fill vacancies of people who retired or left service. Some of the positions were created because of the opening of new courts that were opened due to the governor allocating more money for the courts. Whatever the reason, we are happy to have you back and sincerely hope to welcome more in the next year.

There was an audit conducted of the Administrative Office of the Court which brought to light the gross misspending by the AOC. The demand for the audit was led by SEIU, other unions and CCRA. LACCRA participated by sending members to Sacramento to lobby the legislature for more money for the court, as well as the demand for the audit.

Here is one of many articles discussing the audit.

SEIU and LACCRA had a leadership meeting where we discussed how we could be more involved. Court reporters need to put our faces out there and let people know that we are part of this community. We need to have a representative at our secured retirement meetings with LACERA. We started to send a representative to our Regional Council meetings.  To learn about Regional Council, click here.

We have noticed a few announcements by courts within California seeking to hire court reporters. We are hopeful that this is a new trend.

All of our committees work really hard. You can read about them in our latest edition of LACCRA Newsletter.  I just want to take an opportunity to highlight the Member Outreach and Public Outreach committees.  We have again produced a beautiful LACCRA calendar with useful phone numbers on both the front and the back. If you have not yet received your calendar, please contact Annette Blanco at

Member and Public Outreach have also initiated our first ever meet-n-greets, where we meet just to socialize and have a good time. There is no agenda. We recognize that many of us don’t get to see our colleagues because we’re usually stuck behind a desk where we’re sometimes expected to be seen and not heard.  We also have a closed forum Facebook account, where you can see what your fellow court reporters are up to or even ask a question that may be answered by someone who was faced with a similar situation. If you have a Facebook account and are not yet a member of the LACCRA closed forum, click here to join.

Member and Public Outreach is also working on a larger meet-n-greet in recognition of Court Reporter and Captioning Week.  This event will take place at the Los Angeles City Hall Rotunda on Wednesday, February 18 at 5:30.  Look for a flier that will be coming to your email box soon.  Invite your bench officer and attorneys in your courtroom.  Also be on the lookout for LACCRA night at Dodger Stadium information coming this spring.  This event will benefit students currently attending court reporting school.

A LACCRA legislative representative is also attending CCRA’s legislative council meetings.  The purpose of the CCRA legislative council is to:

  1. Formulate legislative proposals affecting the court reporting profession;
  2. Approve by majority vote, as defined in Article 15, Section 3(a) of these Bylaws, all proposals to be presented to the Board of Directors;
  3. Act as a liaison between the Association and local court reporter associations;

If there is something that you feel should be made law that affects court reporters, please send it to and it will be forwarded to our legislative representative and CCRA’s legislative council.

Happy Court Reporter and Captioning week!

Rosalina Nava,
LACCRA President


Notice re Ordering Transcripts from Los Angeles Superior Court Official Reporters:

Attorneys and members of the general public who wish to order a transcript of Los Angeles Superior Court proceedings are directed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court website:

LASC Official Reporters’ contact information is not accessible through this website.

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